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Service and support

We have rich professional technical knowledge and experience and can provide customers with technical consultation and support. We can answer your questions in machine tool selection, process design, equipment maintenance, etc., and provide solutions.

After-sales service and maintenance

We provide comprehensive after-sales service and maintenance support. It can train customers on the skills of operating hydraulic machine tools, and can also provide timely repair and maintenance services to ensure the normal operation of machine tools and extend their service life.

Proactive cost optimization

Shopping for quality products at great prices can be time-consuming. We know this because we often source high-quality materials at competitive prices so that our customers can get quality products at lower prices.

Quality Assurance

Hujin's products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure that the quality of the products meets national standards and customer requirements.

Stringent quality control

We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our products and services to provide a better customer experience. All our orders undergo strict manual inspection.