PJ-70 PJ-100 Reliable Performance CNC High Speed Metal Circular Saw
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Who we are

Professional hydraulic press manufacturer.

Zhejiang Hujin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Jinyun Hydraulic Machine Tool Factory) is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of "Hujin" series hydraulic presses, band saws and milling machines. It is the only heavy machinery backbone enterprise in southern Zhejiang. Our factory pays attention to product quality and corporate reputation, implements modern management, and catches up with the advanced level of its peers. Over the years, it has been rated as a unit with trustworthy product quality and abiding by contracts and keeping promises.

The YJ-32-40-315T four-column vertical general hydraulic machine tool produced by our company has been favored by the machinery industry for decades. Since 1993, with the strong support of Shanghai Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology Research Institute, our factory has successfully designed and developed two series of hydraulic metal cutting band saws, GB horizontal and GY vertical. Our factory leverages its expertise in producing hydraulic machine tools and conducts comprehensive updates from the machine tool's hydraulic system. Add an automatic hydraulic protection device to the machine tool to make the machine tool automatically adjust speed. The speed of the machine tool after starting work is unified, eliminating the traditional disadvantages of tooth pulling. And the output is one-third higher than that of similar products, saving about 30-40% of band saw blades. The hydraulic system is a key part of the sawing machine. This improvement has produced both economical and substantial benefits.

Zhejiang Hujin Machine Tool Co., Ltd.